The Vertical Farming Summit

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What is The Vertical Farming Summit?

The Vertical Farming Summit is the first online-optimized event experience about vertical farming, urban agriculture, and entrepreneurship. This event is designed to bring low cost education and the event experience to people from around the world.

I have brought together some of the world's best entrepreneurs, educators, and experts on vertical farming to teach viewers how to get started, considerations for starting and scaling up a business in agriculture, and interesting examples of technology and business models.

2017 Promotional Calendar

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June 16th - 25th -- Summit Launch Period. During this time The Vertical Farming Summit will stream free for everyone who is opted in. If you are a speaker we will create a custom speaker graphic for you when your talk goes live to make it easy and fun to share with your audience. All-Access Pass remains priced at $47 during this period.

June 16th - 25th -- Post Summit Phase. All contest winners will be announced, and the cart will close at 11:59pm on the 25th, with a price increase for all of the pre recorded, live, and bonus sessions of the summit being available as an evergreen product for $97. 

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Here are a few of the experts you’ll be learning from during this summit:

Stephen Ritz

Green Bronx Machine

The Power of a Plant!

Nick Burton

Victory Lunch Club, State of the Soil

Farm Marketing: How to drive profitable sales to your farm. 

Ed Harwood


Why sunlight isn't free and other lessons from AeroFarms.

Maximillian Lossl


To be announced! 

Henry Gordon-Smith

Blue Planet Consulting

A methodology for developing your vertical farming business and planning for success.

Rob Laing


Inside Farm.One and the value of plant based nutrition

Allison Kopf


How to use crop data to unlock higher profits

Andrew Carter


Creative forms of distribution for gourmet plants and mushrooms

Chris Higgins

Hort Americas

Insights from successful agriculture businesses

Arash Amini

Farm Box

How to Design Your Vertical Farming System

Andrew Blume


How to Build Your Network and Land A Job In Urban Agriculture. 

Jonathan Periera

Plant Chicago

To be announced! 

Sue Raftery

AgTech Innovation Center

Opportunities for E-Learning and Collaboration in AgTech

Cynthia Jaggi


How to turn your positive environmental impact into a competitive advantage in the new economy

Joel Cuello

University of Arizona

Cuello's Law and the minimally structured, preassembled modular vertical farm. 

Nick Greens

The Nick Greens Grow Team

Opportunities for E-Learning and Collaboration in AgTech

Amanda Smith

Solace Lessons

How to start composting and growing your own food at home. 

Mike Nasseri


Urban Futurism and The Impact of Digitization on Agriculture.

Chris Powers

Summit Host

Summit kick off, live sessions, Q&A's and more....

More Speakers

And Sessions


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