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Ed HarwoodAeroFarms

Why sunlight isn't free and other lessons from inside AeroFarms

Stephen RitzGreen Bronx Machine

The Power of a Plant

Andrew McCueFreight Farms

Lessons learned from helping 100+ farmers start businesses.

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Andrew CarterSmallHold

Creative forms of distribution for gourmet plants and mushrooms.

Maximilian LoesslAgrilution

Lessons on building a mission-driven, venture-backed startup.

Nick BurtonState of the Soil

Farm Marketing - how to drive profitable sales to your farm

Joel CuelloUniversity of Arizona

Cuello's Law and the minimally structured, modular, pre-assembled vertical farm. 

Cynthia JaggiGatherwell

How to turn your positive environmental impact into a competitive advantage in the new economy. 

Evan BromfieldRosemont

Building a small scale vertical farm and lessons learned from pitch competitions. 

Allison KopfAgrilyst

How to use crop data to unlock higher profits!

Nick GreensThe Nick Greens Growteam

How to become a master grower and give back to your community. 

Henry Gordon-SmithBlue Planet Consulting

A methodology for developing your vertical farming business and planning for success.

Amanda SmithSolace Lessons

How to start growing your own food at home. 


Inside and the value of intentional scale up.

Tinia PinaReNuble

How to turn waste into opportunity and information on using organic fertilizers in hydroponic systems. 

Roger RoyseRoyse Law

Legal considerations for farmers and AgTech companies.

Chris HigginsHort Americas, UrbanAg News

Insights from successful agriculture businesses.

Zjef Van AckerKIKVORS

Global collaboration and learnings from shooting a documentary on urban and vertical farming.

Ricky StephensAgtech-X

How to find opportunities and build a career in AgTech.

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