Ed Harwood - AeroFarms

Why Sunlight Isn't Free and Other Lessons From AeroFarms

  • Traditional field agriculture has a lot of externalities that aren't accounted for such as crop damage, losses in transport, and environmental challenges.

  • LED Lighting uses in horticulture.

  • Lessons learned from bringing new technologies to market.

Interview Summary, Recommendations, and Insights:

  • Learn about Ed’s journey to co-founding Aerofarms through his work at Cornell [0:00]

  • Ed shares some of his experiences bringing new technologies to market. [4:00]

  • Why Sunlight Isn’t Free -- cost externalities in field agriculture. [6:30]

  • How Aerofarms is focusing on sustainability and process improvement [16:00]

  • Opportunities and collaboration possibilities with Aerofarms [18:20]

  • ASBE Study to develop ANSII standards for LED Lighting used in horticulture. [20:00]

  • Lessons learned from bringing new technologies to market.

  • ASABE - http://www.asabe.org/ (produce ANSI Standards) - project to create standards for horticultural technology.

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Aerofarms in the media:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ME_rprRlmMM

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For fun:

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Call to action from our interview:

Challenge your assumptions! Write down a list of your own critical lines of thinking, and assumptions, and try to think of them in a new way.

About Ed Harwood

With over 40 years of agricultural and engineering experience, Ed founded GreatVeggies® LLC in 2004 before commercializing further in 2009 with a cleantech investment from 21 Ventures and The Quercus Trust. Ed and the then new OEM company, Aero Farm Systems, were the winner of the following awards:

• 2011 World Technology Awards Finalist for the Environment

• 2011 Clean Equity Monaco Runner Up for Technology Research

• 2011 Red Herring Global Top 100 Finalist

• 2010 Red Herring Global Top 100 North America Winner

In 2011 a merger with Just Greens, LLC created a company dedicated to owning and operating large commercial aeroponic farms worldwide to grow leafy greens. It is located in Newark, NJ and is building a very large vertical farm capable of growing over 1.5 million lbs of leafy greens each year.

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